Monday, July 18, 2005

The Lost World......

World of Glamour...Neva had anything in mind to be part of the journey but it happened.Not just it happened, it happened a quite a young age.I still remember that i was a shy fella .. still remember when friends of my sister used to turn up and i used to hide myself behing the curtains, lock myself in the room.

Still cant forget that day, when i was in class 7th and i just changed my school and a girl asked me very innocently: " Are you from boy's school ?? , You dint have any girls in the school". I couldnt really understand the intention of such a question and i found myself in a groove.Inadvertently, i said Nopes.
But somewhere at the back of my mind, i thought something is missing in life .. that crux is indeed lost somwhere.Here is what i was --- :)

Somehow my sister helped me in coming outta it.She asked me to change my personality to perfection, nd suggested me to step up into gears.Well, then came modelling, yeah to my surprise.

I managed good results in academics as always and cleared class 12th and then it was ride for much awaited adventurous journey.I got admission in IT college in jaipur and henceforth a change to go out of indore and start a new career.Again the focus was studies, but this time modelling came on the way.First time, started with STUDIO BIG BOSS in jaipur.

Those ramps were indeed fascinating and presenting you infront of 1000s of lads was indeed an experience worth remembering.I was somehow becoming confident in my goes.I was really enjoying my role as a model(so called).

I did dozens of shows thereafter with good names in jaipur including Studio Big Boss,Rajshree groups,Blasters,Rahul Taneja, etc.But this book was completed when i got a chance to be part of Mr.Rajasthan Purush 2002, a modelling & talent hunt which is quite hyped in Rajasthan atleast, if not in india.Cleared rounds as they were coming and it was unbelieveable coz i neva had any intention of clearing 6 rounds.A 4 day stay at city's 5 start comfort Hotel Clarks Amer for all the participants was quite an experience to cherish.It felt really great to see people looking after you as if you are some great personalities.Those practice sessions with hot models... ouchh i slipped .. mmmm..Thats why its good to practice then to stare ;)

Finally some tense & anxious moments and i was announced to be the finalist and i was simply out of my chairs.Cool dude !! Thats wat was the reaction of some of those evenet management people.I started feeling as if i am something.Mind you i dont look so appealing but yaah not that bad also.I always thought this height of 6'2'' is something which i shoulnt be having since i used to stand at last in the school days and used to be a back bencher as well.But somehow it came off well for me in this field.

Anyways, finally i was amongst the top 5 finalists but that was it for me coz i was not the winner.But still dint have regretsSo i became from so called model to Mr.Model , thats great isnt it?

Then it seems it was not the end of it.I had something else to prove to someone.I came up with my own Event Management company by the name MODISH in 2002 which was indeed a bold move at a very young age of 20.I agree it was nota well planned event, but promoted some good models in indore and got some good attention of media.I had lots of interviews and it was a great feeling to be part of such a big event.Somehow i feel i could have made it a real experience but some people ditched me at wrong time to carry on this event.

I dint give up and managed it on my own and i realised that BOSS whenever you are down and under, family comes the first.I got lot of encouragement from my family.I cant forget my dad calling me up and signing a complete blank cheque book and handing it over to me saying " Beta you are a fighter, dont let us down, you need to prove us you can do it alone".I know it might sound a bit filmy, but this was the reality.I fought it all alone and when i completed the show i hugged my dad and was all in tears.Shows i am emotional person as well; oh ya i am a cancerian.

One popular question in the due course from media was:

" You are too young to carry on such a mission of promoting models; How do you see it going forward ?" and i think they got their answers after the event.Thanks mom, dad,manisha and nidhi.You are great; simply great.I am falling short of words for you guys.

I think its becoming little serious now.ahan.Lets change the track.But you know what after being in modelling for past 4 or 5 years, still i am single and here is a common question girls ask me-"Why are you still a single; why not a GF ?".Can someone answer this for me ?? I would really appreciate it.

But the truth and the fact is i am still a single; ready to mingle !!!!

Now no more shows as i have moved to a new horizon in my career.Finally, i moved out of jaipur and i am in delhi, the city better termed as DILWALON KI DILLI.Definitely i am now in a new role -Software Professional.I am enjoying it.

So thats it for the day... I know it was quite a long blog but just thought of putting my past experiences as well memories in words.At times i feel this is what motivates me and encourages me.You guys can try it out.Enjoy !!!