Tuesday, July 27, 2010

$ I hAtE LuV sToRiEs - Do I Really ?? $

I have just turned 28 in this month and things have still be the same for me. The only thing that has changed from past to the present is that I have learned to manage more idiots with time.
What surprises to many is that in spite of sharing table with loads of people around, I am yet single who is fascinated to adore love stories and at times get into the bottom of them to understand the intensity and hidden mystery.

What made me write this article ?
 Shear Observation prompted me to put an ink on the paper and try and explore the real meaning of - "I hate Luv Stories".
A few days back, I was sitting in CCD all alone at around 11 P.M. and saw a happy couple sitting next to my couch. I didn't want to overhear the conversation but "Jaanu" is one word that always catch my attention. I can't imagine my Wife expressing her "Jaanu" love this publicly :)
The couple looked like a perfect match for each other from 2000 feet view.  I got busy in blogging and God knows within 30 minutes of the game, it seemed another relation was on the verge of traditionally and sophisticatedly termed"break-off". I heard the girl saying "I Hate you" and banged her foot and left CCD. The guy kept trying his luck but I think he was a touch late to understand that his meter is down.

30 minutes - 60 expressions and one final ending with - I hate you. Was that the transformation from Love to Hatred - a 30 minute affair ?

I hate luv stories - The very first thought which comes to my mind is every one wants a fairy tale till the time they rain check the reality that its not the fairy tale but the series of episodes they have been handed over in life ; Some sweet some bitter, some make you fly and some make you cry but nevertheless to fall in love, I'd say who doesn't give it a try.

For those who say I hate luv stories that fact that they are considering luv as a belief as a symbol in their mind no matter on what side ,the thought has already rooted somewhere in the cauntious. All it takes is one moment one instance, that one strange second when they happen to feel it even for a short span but they live through that moment ..breathe that moment of belonging to some one else with out expectations, without selfish reasons in the purest of forms that ever existed on earth.

Hate and Luv in one sentence ; one will not survive without the other. Hate would lose its essence if love doesn't exist.

Stories - Every one has a story, a love story. I, you, someone else, infact everyone. Some make it happen some let it go and some live it through with out even realizing that they have a story; for I know people who have loved with all their heart and soul but never told their love to whom it was to be told. Some luv stories are shared by two while some are lived alone but they are still luv stories, Some even die living them, Some dream of having one and some claim to lived once.

Look around, look deep into the eyes of people and you will  find their luv story in their eyes in their smile, in their gestures and at times in their hatred.

Your End - I am so much in love with love itself that all my life I have been scared in falling for it.

My End - I just know How to Love. Tried hating it but I could not hate it. Before I conclude, I would say practice love with no expectations so that there is no room for hatred around. By the end of this write up, I have realized - Hatred should not be sitting next to love and hence I have kicked it off. With that I will sign off  !!

Morale of the Story - Luv stories should not be hated.  Love Stories should be lived forever till the last breath. For people who keep finding flaws in individuals and yet claim to love each other don't know the real meaning of this pure thing. I have been tilted towards love but that someone made me realize that emotions don't have space in love and over possessiveness is just a blanket which should not be worn, questions become conclusions and may be I think it's not meant for me.

Poll - What do you think guys ?