Saturday, May 08, 2010

Come on - Let's Venture into Life

What is Life?

I am neither a writer nor a poet, so I won't be describing things as beautifully as you expected.
Life is ubiquitous and fundamental concept and hence there is no unequivocal definition. After all variations are the ingredients of life. See even in my explanation I have already started defining life. Hold on to yourself; soon you will see the dispute of the words to find the "REAL" meaning of life. It is just an attempt to play around with the words.

It has taken me sometime to understand LIFE. Many of us think that it is highly complex affair but still we would like to live those affairs. Many of us feel that it is really tough because of the variations it has to offer us. Not everyone appreciates variations and would like to follow a very much structured approach.
Life to me is very simple affair. It is like wet sand which takes the shape as you give it. I have experienced variations in my professional and personal life but yes there have been many a odd times when the level of anxiety and frustration has crossed the borders but still i am going strong.

Life is when two people who were indeed close after sometime that they don't understand each other.
Life is when two people knowingly that they are different, try to unfold the things to take it to next level but then life is when these two individuals realize that they are not meant for each other.
Life is when you want to walk in the rain to hide your tears.

Life is when you have money but you strive for that extra mile to get the real happiness.

Life is when you just feel you are a lone soldier in the battle field and you would like to be in a group but you just see the opponents cruising their way towards you.

Someone said - "Life is Beautiful". If life is beautiful why that is we fail to entail it?? ? If life is beautiful why can't we see the beauty of it? If life is beautiful why that is we still try to bolster ourselves hard to know its meaning.

Someone said - "Life is Challenge". If life is challenge why everyone fails to accept the challenge? Why can't we simply accept the challenge and simply move on.
I did an interesting exercise just now. I logged in to chat rooms after ages to see how the crazy freaks define life. I was expecting weird replies but just tried to reconcile the same. Have a flavor of it as follows:

Frustrated Dude -" Nobody dies virgin, life fucks everybody" Now that’s some definition - Kinky :)

Some Riya Saxena - “Life is all about expecting the unexpected"

Koki - " Mind can give anybody a good livelihood but its heart that will lead you to a good life"
So that was a TEENSY attempt to capture views of different people but not much luck. I'd like to conclude this topic here before it really strikes your mind to start looking positive side of the things. I would like to conclude the discussion by MY OWN view of life.

Sauby - " Life is when you realize its all about YOU, ME aur HUM - It's all about enjoying the bond i.e. Relations"

"Life is when you realize your existence has a meaning and hence instead of wasting time around surrounding pressures, we understand to live it. Simply live it to the chore"
 "Life is when you can stop defining it and start living it"


Pareek said...

Guruji...Life as such has no meaning but it is an opportunity to create one.

Bhumika Hosley said...

Life is a chance to you to do whatever you want to do. There is nothing which is wrong or right,we set that definition for us, so do whatever you want to is life to me. I love shopping- I do, I love reading- I take out time for it. Life is something beyond boundaries and obligations. Liked this blog- I never thought to define life but your blog compel to think of "What life is?" :)