Saturday, October 12, 2013

RAABTA - Attempt to Connect

Ever imagined falling in a trap, tripping with anxiety, pinch of fragrance lingering in the air and you feel as if it's not you, the surroundings are not yours. It happened to me when a phone call struck at 7 A.M. hinting the transformation in and around me.

Some unknown number flashed with an unknown but soothing voice that trickled me with ambiguity, and got me out of the bed in no time. It was start of a new beginning which was establishment of sinewy "Raabta". The story is long and strong that had moments of almost everything that one can think off.Not to be penned here though.

It makes me wonder what it takes to establish a relation. Literally nothing !! A man is supposed to be close to being unconscious when in profound sleep and then simply a voice can turn things on to a mysterious relation.

Welcome to the world of relationships Mr. Agrawal; that's how I introduced it to myself !!

In the ampshere of this world, we hear different notions of relationships and here is my attempt to take you through to the journey of different observations around.

When in school, we tend to meet different students with whom we spend like few hours and become "CHUDDY BUDDY" friends but never evaluate how much have we introspected to term that as friendship. From amateur to experienced whimsical person, we start building interest in exploring the word relation. Try to hit on a girl and express your emotions and you will get a punch saying - "I hardly know you, how can we be friends". Getting the difference between 2 phases of the life ? Human relationships are much subjective.

Go out partying in a disc bombarded with different species, shake the booty and within few hours of gaga moments, you end up being in a relationship or rather a conundrum relationship. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are nurturing relationships on a daily basis leading to an unending process of increasing world's population :)

Contrary to what we have seen where there has been an attempt to connect, you will see cases where unknowingly you strike a bond. You walk on a road and find someone badly bruised, blood flowing down the throat and within few hours the person is in hospital thanking you for all your help and establish a bond thereafter. Some people might debate it to say it's a human act but the fact is that we got ourselves into another relation; cant' escape, can't escape !!

Here is another one - An arrange marriage proposal landing in your mailbox, you try to connect with the person and then the comes the sword of expectation - In Couple of formally unusual conversations you are bound to decide who you want to screw your happiness with for whole of the life :)

Crazy !! Isn't it ??

Being in a relationship is an added responsibility and obligation as the success of any relationship is the collective result of the attitudes, behavioral patterns and personal preferences of two or more people included in the relationship. Arghh !! It's complicated and I read it somewhere !!

We just try to overly complicate a simplistic phenomenon. Think of your first love in childhood - Poppins ?? Ride on a bicycle ?? Parle-G dipped in tea ?? Playing Hide n Seek or marbles (kanche) ??

Your first love should make you realize what a relationship is all about; at least it does to me. A craziness driven passion to get hang of someone around forever and ever is "RAABTA", so better not complicate it !! 

RAABTA - "A bridge for people connecting with each other", The picture (Hold Me Forever) speaks it all. Stop watching social media and get on with it :)

Until my head overwhelms with more such observations, time to say good bye :)


Anonymous said...

Bhai woh sab to theek hai but kehna kya chaa rahe thee... and call ki details bhi nahi hai. Lolz

Anonymous said...

Kuch bhi likh diya kya.

Bhumika said...

Couldnt understand much of wht u wana say!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of relationships Mr. Agrawal :)

Anonymous said...

content which is making no sense but trying to be profound.