Monday, December 26, 2005

December 25th,2005, Another day of celebration and this time its C 4 Christmas.I have always heard that people from Europe and US are more crazy for this day but it seems that indians are catching up there.We have lods of festivals in India but i doubt the hunger for party time, enjoying holidays & Fun is unending in this country..Yeah i am talking about INDIA, our own HINDUSTAN.

Nevertheless it was quite a pleasant feeling for the whole day as in something is there in air today.Everyone including me was waiting for Santa to gift something.I dunno about others but he was unfair to me as I dint find anything in my plate.

Boy i forgot that 26th is the date for my MCA exams and this time it was Operating Systems.No issues as usual & as casual; i was always, i am currently. lol. You wont belive it, it is 5 in the evening and i just gotta know that i dont have the book from which i am supposed to prepare for the next day's paper.Shucks... But i think i got an excuse for not doing well.Anyways i just went to far-off market and was lucky enough to finally find a book for myself, not that i wanted to finish it in one night.After all i am born intelligent.Was it confidence or over confidence? Well if its over confidence i dont mind falling on the higher side.

Christmas !-! I wanted to celebrate it but dint get any company whom i can ask for? Who says i dint get any company? Lemme correct myself, i enjoy my company also.So was at home and just surfing and for a change for sometime went through some topics so that i get something to write.

It's 9:30 in the night and here comes my college mate online and says in a very typical Desi way,"PADHLE kal exam hai?" Look i have got such caring friends but what the hell was he doing in an offline then one of my friends called me up and we talked for about 2-3 hours as she was leaving for bangalore.And my clock said, Mr.Saurabh its 4 in the morning and what are your plans for the coming time? I responded saying, "well BAHOOT PADH LIYA aaj, its 4 o'clock in the morning , so i should sleep...After all it wasa tough day indeed".

And i find myself on bed..Really guys i am studying too much these days...What say ?? Any thoughts rather any useful thoughts :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi lambu.. great writing man. and the innovation of the language "CHAT" in the writing is awesum combin'tion. keep on writing..c u in GOA with lots of fun and mastee..bring you Jaipur life there. we will enjoy...
miss u