Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hazy & Musical Day --> Saurabh Rocks

Chilly times in Delhi. Winter setting in.17th Dec,2005,its 11 a.m. and i find myself in bed.Ooops, its lil late; infact too late.Ooutta bed, scanning through maah computer.Thats the beginning of the fresh day, a day full of mystical music for me.
I dunno know why Bluffmaster is rocking my ears for the day.Starting the day with Abhishek Bacchan's :Come To Me, Bhool Jaye Sara Jahaan..Ek main aur Ek Tu Hai, Aur hawa mein Jadoo hai...
Its awsome song and seems Abhishek is on song in this mindboggling song.Amazing songs these.... So brilliantly written...
Got a chance to see this song later in the evening at my relative's place and boy abhishek, priyanka and even riteish are sizzling in new looks.
The day started like this and after some time i thought lets take a bath.Its been quite a time i have taken a bath;) and today seemed to be a perfect ocassion, a long awaiting one ;)
You know what, after having a bath i thought , we can have regular baths.Anyways so finally i dont need to live on deodarants.
For a change, i cooked today.Mind you i am a good cook and today was the day to cook my favorite PULAO.To my liking it was tasty..yummmy.. delicious.. lods of words which really cant be expressed.
The day passed away so soon and in the evening I was at realtive's place to have some delicious food and homely environment.
Thats it and again its late nite and i am finding myself infront of computer.Bluffmaster or me the Tuffmaster :)
Ciao, Tomorrow with Indo-Srilanka match, the third round of battle...

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