Sunday, January 01, 2006

31st Decemeber, New Year Bash,Time to freak out , what else ?? Yes Finally, the most awaited night has arrived for us.All over the world, people welcome the new year for it is one of the oldest of all holidays. Most New Year celebrations focus on family and friends. It is a time to reflect on the past and envision a future, perhaps, in a world where people live together in harmony.
For us, it was time to party and really shake our asses on the tones of Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Few more inline Hip Hops and Boy wasn't that fun? Ask Myself, Gaurav,Gunjan or GP, everyone has something to add to this night.
But the question is where were we partying? I know everyone is curious to know about the Venue.This time it was the turn of DSOI club,Dhaulakuan, meant to be an Army/Navy party arena.Somehow GP managed to get passes for us and we were ready to rock 'n' roll .But things were lil different this time than what was expected.I was planning to chill out in my low waste jeans or mebbe some cargo wears or antifits but was strictly asked to be in a dress code.And what was the dress Code? It was Lounge suite or Combination with tie.I got myself dressed up in the new Black Lounge Suit with a black shining tie and sizzling blue Shirt, the one i last wore in Mr.Rajasthan Purush 2002.Here it goes...
The party was full of hot babes and the crowd was lightening energetic.Good to see people of every age shaking themselves hard on the dance floor.For me it was not an exception since i danced for 5 hours coz it is one thing i really enjoy.As usual i dont booze to write anything on that.
Still lot to write... Please dont go !!!

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