Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fun @ GOA (24th jan-29th jan)
An unplanned journey began on 24th for me and it was none other than the college group of mine which came to the fun fiesta.
24th jan 2006, it was around 8:30 that i boarded the IA flight from Delhi to Mumbai and there began the journey for me.To my surprise, Nisha came to pick me up from the airport.It was gr8 to see her for the first time, a 5'11'' tall pretty looking female on airport to pick up , what could have been a better start to the journey.Anyways we guys went to Band stand from the airport and has a cup of coffee at CCD nearby.Thereafter, it was all exchange of words & thoughts between us and suddenly we found it was the morning of 25th.
I had a brief stay in Mumbai on 25th and we(Me and Amit) had a bus from Mumbai to GOA on 25th evening.So spent some time with Amit at his place and then his workplace.Believe me, to get the tickets that day was really difficult but somehow fortunes favoured us and we got 2 tickets.Finally, at 7:30 in the evening we started the journey to GOA.
We reached GOA on 26th morning where we met the other folks of the group(Atul,Ashish,Gaurav,Keshav).Good to see all the college group ready to roar once again.The trip was special since it was the first time that our group was out for some serious fun.We decided to land up close to Miramar Beach in Panaji and got a reasonably cheap and good dormitory to live in close to the beach.It was good enough for bachelors.Everyone was so excited and full of energies though all of us travelled from different parts of the country.We quickly refreshed ourselves and guess what was our first move? Well we opted to rent bikes, so we got 4 bikes including 2 Avenger, 1 bullet and 1 pulsar.Commuting by bikes in Goa is fun itself.
We kicked off the journey by visiting Miramar Beach.There we had lods of fun in the water and clicked many snaps but truely speaking this beach was not our cup of tea.It was lacking crowd,so we decided to move on.Our next destination was one of the nicest of all beaches Calangute Beach situated in northern part of GOA.It is one of the most crowded beaches of Goa and that is the reason it is quite happening.What next ? Remove the clothes and dive yourself into the water was a call for everyone and thats what guys did.We also had fun on Water Scooters and wanted to go for Para-Sailing but due to lack on wind, we dint have the option available.
Nevertheless, after spending 2-3 hours of stunts in water sporting activities, we decided to land on the Baga Beach which is very close to the Calangute.Infact, in Goa most of the beaches are linked to each other and just needs a bit of walking on the sand.
Baga was again crowded beach and there we had more relaxing time than going in water.We laid ourselves down on the beach in the scorching heat of the sun.It was quite relaxing though.
Next,it was turn of Anjuna Beach and by the time we reached Anjuna, it was evening, so we dint have much options available.So we were waiting for the party which happens late night on Anjuna Beach.So 2 hours of time pass and sipping coffee and chit-chatting saw us finally in the Disc.But guys werent satisfied since the crowd of the disc dint have much of the babes, so we decided to move to some disc which is happening.But unfortunately that day late night parties were not on in most of the disc and few discs dint have Stag entries.To our liking we were able to find one disc MATRIX and me, jitu,atul and ashish thought to party.Rest all were tired and also pissed off, so went for rides and few back to the hotel.We danced on the beats of Goan music and hip hops.Though we were so damn tired but danced like wild beasts in all sort of actions and steps to make the party happening.I love dancing so enjoyed most of it with the crowd.
Finally at about 3 in the night, we decided to go back to the hotel and this is how ended our first day.
Second day to come next ..

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