Saturday, September 30, 2006

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I know i have been lil busy to blog;though this is not an idealistic & realistic reason which i also know.So sorry for the same. Anyways lot of things have happened ever since i have shared my thoughts last time and i am bit confused so as to put them all in words here. Lets try and see if i get some sorta success. :)

I neva thought of applying my brains to clear what you call it as few set of questions and will be on board for next flight to Athens. Yeah,Athens happened to me recently and i was almost done with the decision to leave India and work in Athens for around 2 years. Everything was finalized except for the fact that plenty of things were going on in maah mind. My mom, my hard working dad and his efforts , my sweet sister who needs me the most right now. You know its not that easy to say i am leaving my country and going to a place where i am away from the family, my country and over all "myself". It was tough on my part to reject the offer though 99 percent people suggested me to leave and earn big bucks; but since i have some plans for my family and other responsibilities  i made a decision. Believe one of the very tough decisions of my life, i rejected the offer. But at the end of the day if i sit and look back at maah decision,I feel i don't regret my decision though it was opposing to those 99 % people, coz it is my decision and i am ready to defend it. Good job !!

After a flurry of events, I was seeking professional growth as i have always been career oriented person. Wait will be back after sometime to blog you more .. Chill till then :)

Yeah i am back after spending the whole day in finalizing the moldings of furniture for my new house. Hang on !! Did i tell you that i have recently gifted a duplex house to my parents? I think i haven't mentioned it. Anyways neva mind, lemme tell you that i have bought a new home in Indore which is a gift for my mom and dad. So we all (me and my sis) are busy in decorating the interiors of the same as we are planning to shift to the new house by Diwali, the festival of lights and indeed the right time to make a move. I have realized that it is not that easy to buy a new house and then on top of it deciding the shades and interiors of the same. It took a toll out of me to decide the right furniture. To everyone's surprise, the furniture of the house is being made in Delhi itself excluding the modular kitchen which is being made in Indore  Guess who is doing the interior decoration?? Well, my mausaji itself who is himself a well known interior decorator. I am spending my weekends y visiting lots of catalogs to decide on the design for beds, almirahs, sofa set, etc. Believe me being a computer science student is still easy than this :).

Well right now its 1:04 in my computer clock and i am writing these blogs, yet top study for SCJP which i am targeting by next month or this month end itself. Nothing much just waiting for few more professional challenges; got some good news off late that i am rolling off from my current project  To add an icing to the cake,I would better be happy once i get one challenging project which will test my technical as well as logical skills. "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst", I am living my life with this line, a thin line between virtual reality and yourself.

I think if i carry on more writing these blogs, people will be bored off coz i know i myself don't read those forwarded mails containing healthy content. lol. Hats off to you guys who had the patience to reach till here, i know most of you aint here :)

Sum1 wanted me to update my blogs, so this one is dedicated to that person :) I hope that person has reached here :))

Gud nite and enjoy coz life is really short to sit back and think, So all you software engineers (including me), make things happen than waiting for things to happen. With this message i sign off and promise to add pic of my new house soon in this BLOG-DOM :D Cheerz !!

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